Food & Fuel

We’ve got your favorites ready.

Fresh Food Made Daily

Whether you’re looking for breakfast sandwiches, coffee and donuts, fresh-made sandwiches for lunch with real ingredients or hot Hunt Brother’s Pizza for your family, we have you covered!

Premium Fuel & Gas

Learn more about our fuel and gas options, and which might best fit your vehicle’s needs. Choose from E-87 (regular unleaded), unleaded plus, premium gas, fuel flex, and diesel options.

Hunt Brothers Pizza & Wings

Hunt Brother’s Pizza offers 10 toppings to choose from for no extra charge. Call to order whole pizzas or swing in to grab a hot hunk!

Scott’s Sandwiches

We partnered with Big Steer Meats to ensure we bring you high quality, fresh ingredients. We make our sandwiches fresh daily or to order!

Maplewood Bakery

If you know, you know. We searched for the best donuts in our area and we landed on Maplewood Bakery. Their donuts are made fresh daily just for us.

Berres Brother’s Coffee

Berres Brother’s coffee is from the woods of Wisconsin, roasted in small batches with quality bean sourcing.

Salads & Veggie Trays

Fleming’s makes fresh salads and veggie trays daily to cater to those of us looking to curb our hunger with a healthy option!


We are a teenager’s dream. We have the best snacks around so if you partake in Minnesota’s new law, you know where to come. Our Funyuns are the best.

Our Premium Gas & Fuel Options:


E-87 or regular unleaded is a blend of 87% gasoline and 10% ethanol. This is the preferred variety of fuel for many vehicles.

88 Unleaded Plus

88 Unleaded Plus contains 15% ethanol and is good for your engine, the environment and your wallet. EPA approved for cars, trucks and SUVs 2001 and newer.

Premium- 91

Premium or 91 octane fuel is known as a high octane gas. Premium gas does not contain ethanol and is used primarily in high performance and luxury vehicles.

E85 Flex Fuel

E-85 fuel contains a higher level octane, typically between 51%-85% ethanol, while the remainder is gasoline.


Diesel #2 is the most common diesel option and offers higher fuel efficiency.